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Found weapons can come in a variety of configurations and rarities. Variants are set modifiers that can be found on any weapon picked up during the course of a run, and can change how a weapon performs drastically.

Below is a table listing all of the possible weapon Variants that can be found:

Name Innate Modifiers Notes
  • None
  • Default Variant, always used on starting pistols
Factory New
  • 5% Increased damage
  • Appears only the first time you find the weapon
Siege Variant
  • High Ammo Capacity
  • 50% Increased magazine size (minimum +1)
  • 25% Increased spare ammo cap
  • Increased ammo gain
  • Increased weapon spread
  • 50% Longer Eject Time
  • Ammo Printing - slowly prints ammo in the non-empty magazine
  • 10% Increased Heat
  • 30% Reduced Firerate
  • 5% Reduced Recoil Control
  • 25% Increased Deviation
Taiga Hunter
  • 25% Higher Damage
  • 40% Decreased rate of fire
  • Lower magazine size (or longer reload times for weapons with 2 or 1 max ammo)
  • Reduced Deviation
  • Improved Recoil Control
  • 33% Reduced Ammo Gain
  • Heavy Movement - reduces movement speed
  • Improved Recoil Control
  • Reduced Recoil
  • 20% Increased Magazine Size
  • Unlocked by Variant Kit 1 Research
  • Double Stat Upgrades - doubles the number of stat upgrades from various sources (e.g. Weapon Upgrade Kits, Weapon Upgrade Terminals, etc.)
  • Reduced fire rate
  • Unlocked by Variant Kit 1 Research
  • Healing Nanomachines - chance for small heal on every hit
  • 25% Reduced Firerate
  • Slightly reduced recoil control to match firerate
  • 15% Increased damage
  • 25% Reduced Ammo Gain
  • Unlocked by Variant Kit 2 Research
  • Variable Damage
  • 25% Reduced Firerate
  • 20% Increased Heat
  • 33% Increased reload and ejection time
  • Unlocked by Variant Kit 2 Research
  • Drastically changed stats:
    • 50% Increased Damage
    • Decreased fire rate
    • Decreased magazine capacity
  • Chance of self damage when firing
  • Increased rarity tier directly to Legendary
  • Can only be acquired through Cursed Weapon Parts or opening Cursed weapon chests
  • Cursed weapon chests have a (3 + (3 * curse debuff)) * luck chance of dropping a Cursed variant
  • High firerate
  • 5% more Damage
  • Faster reloading
  • Reduced max ammo
  • High Temperature
    • 15 Minimum Heat
    • 20% more Heat generation
    • 35% faster Cooling
  • Minor stat increases across the board
  • Strong fire rate increase
  • Heat Ventilation - removes running weapon heat on ejection
  • Increased damage
  • Decreased fire rate
  • Significantly reduced deviation
  • Increased recoil
  • Decreased recoil control
  • Fire mode changed directly to Semi
  • Only appears on weapons affected by the Rogue's DMR Conversion module
  • Properties of any weapon variant prior to conversion are inherited (e.g. magazine size, fire rate, damage, etc.)
Hyper Burst
  • Burst trigger
  • Increased burst size:
    • +1 for Precision Rifles (or those w/ DMR Conversion effect)
    • +2 for Pistols, SMGs, ARs, etc.
    • +4 for Machine Guns
  • Burst-type weapons gain 20% reduced burst delay
  • Non burst weapons gain 25% increased ammo gain and reduced recoil
  • Can occur on non-burst fire weapons, converting them to burst fire
  • Light Movement - increased movement speed
  • 10% more Recoil
  • 20% faster Cooling
Burst Plus
  • Increased burst size
  • 5% Increased damage
  • 20% reduced Recoil
  • Like Hyper Burst variants, can occur on non-burst fire weapons as well
  • All-round stat improvements:
    • 20% Increased Damage
    • 25% Increased Fire Rate
    • Increased magazine size (based on weapon class)
    • etc.
  • Increased rarity tier (e.g. Epic guns become Legendary)
  • Decreased ammo gain
Military Spec
  • Reliable - No Jamming
  • Faster Reloading
  • Faster Ejecting
  • High Ammo Pickup
  • Reduced magazine capacity (~33% reduction)
  • Hard timer on weapon use (~90s), indicated by a debuff timer under health bar
  • Weapon is automatically dropped and explodes on timer expiration; all other dropped weapons (weapon pickups) in the room teleport to the Timed weapon's location where it was last dropped
  • Same stat increases as with Ultra variants, but with greatly increased magazine size, greatly decreased reload time, and increased max ammo/ammo gain
  • Increased rarity tier (e.g. Epic guns become Legendary)
  • Found on weapons acquired via a Self-Destructing Weapon Terminal and rarely from typical weapon drops
  • Overrides guaranteed variant effects, such as that of the Kevv artifact and the Standard cheat
  • Any Timed variant has a 2% chance * luck to become a Timeless variant, which does not expire
  • Same rarity level as Divine variants
  • Grants very high stat upgrades across the board, upgrading any weapon to extreme power:
    • 35% additional damage (additional 10% for starter, common, or rare weapons)
    • 25% increased fire rate (additional 10% for starter, common, or rare weapons)
    • 50% reduced reload + eject time, extremely low eject time
    • Increased magazine size (e.g. 20% for Assault Rifles, 50% for Precision Rifles, etc.)
    • Reload upgrades will reduce eject time to a negative number, which causes the eject phase to be skipped entirely on reload cycles
  • Decreased ammo gain
  • Increased rarity tier/color directly to Divine
  • Weapons have around 1% chance * luck to be found in Divine