T 8-00-Gauge

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T 8-00-Gauge
1 / 60
short summary
40 / 60
r+e time
0.35 / 0
  • Movement Stabilized+
  • 3% Chance for 500% Damage
  • The T 8-00-Gauge is a single-shot lever-action shotgun. In terms of gameplay, each time its single-shot chamber is emptied, the weapon ejects automatically and instantly, effectively skipping the eject phase. For every 8 ammo consumed through firing, the weapon will need to manually eject when the chamber is empty (i.e. perform a full reload cycle).

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • High firepower, especially when its second module activates
    • Remains accurate on the move
    • Quick, easy reload
    • Good ammo efficiency
    • Large amount of spare ammo


    • Single round capacity means it doesn't benefit from ammo printing effects (e.g. Printing Variant, Ammo Regen powerups, or Onslaught System)
    • High heat generation
    • Fairly wide spread

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    • The 500% damage module triggers upon firing, and will be indicated by a white-colored dice icon that appears above the player
    • Ammo not consumed via Ammo TP attachments or other methods is not counted toward the 8 ammo requirement for manual ejection

    Tips[edit | edit source]

    • If you can master active reloading, any class modules or accessories that rely on active reloads (e.g. the Power Link 4x4 Pin attachment, or the Routine module) complement it quite nicely; you'll be activating the perk/accessory with every shot.
    • The Last Straw attachment is also an excellent choice, as the stun or burn effect applies to each individual projectile, meaning every shot fired can inflict both stun and burn
    • Due to the instant ejection mechanic of the weapon, the Reload Vent attachment can remove nearly all heat generation

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    As with the M79 Terminator, the T 8-00-Gauge is likely another reference to the Terminator series and Terminator 2: Judgment Day in particular, where a Winchester 1887 is used (often single-handed) in several scenes by the Terminator.