SS58 Plasma Charger

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SS58 Plasma Charger
20 / 40
A plasma assault rifle for advanced users. Weak against shielded enemies.
28 / 180
r+e time
2.5 / 1.2
  • Fast Plasma Recharge
  • Reload Burns
  • Low Shield Damage
  • Description pending.

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • High damage per shot
    • High fire rate
    • Extremely fast ammo regeneration; effectively infinite ammunition, if managed properly


    • Accuracy quickly degrades with prolonged firing
    • High heat generation and poor cooling
    • Reloading is extremely risky - ejecting will overheat the weapon, removing shields while also setting the player on fire
    • Poor against shielded enemies
    • Recovers ammo very slowly from pickups; only 5 per pickup

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    • The delayed ammo regeneration of the SS58 will also delay ammo regeneration effects from other sources.
    • The Reload Vent attachment will still cause the weapon to overheat on ejection. This is because the running weapon heat is dumped on ejection first, then set above 100%, thus triggering the overheat.
    • Unjamming the SS58 will immediately trigger its ammo regeneration with no delay.
    • Mind the SS58's unique ammunition system. Once you stop firing for a few seconds, the plasma chamber rapidly regenerates up to maximum, so long as it's not completely depleted.

    Tips[edit | edit source]

    • Given the unique ammunition mechanics of the SS58, anything that can increase its magazine capacity in one way or another is a worthwhile investment, such as the Magazine Spring attachment, which also prevents accidental ejections. It also has fairly high deviation, so anything that can offset that is a worthwhile investment as well.
    • The Backup Printer will allow ammo to be gained back so that more will be available in-magazine in the event that reloading is needed

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • This weapon is based off the SA58 OSW, which is a modernized variant of the FN FAL.
    • This weapon was formerly named SS58 Plasma Mod.
    • A previous version of the weapon's model and texture had "WIP" (Work In Progress) written on the side of the magazine.