P25 Overdrive

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P25 Overdrive
20 / 180
A fast-firing laser pistol that grants a damage bonus when overheating

  • Overheat Overdrive
  • The P25 Overdrive is a unique laser pistol only available to owners of the Supporter Pack. It has high heat generation and equally high heat dissipation, but unlike most weapons it gains a damage bonus for a short period after overheating.

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • Fast firing
    • Unique default laser cell ammo can ricochet
    • Alternative standard laser cell ammo can pierce enemies (removed in update 24)
    • Dissipates heat quickly
    • Good magazine capacity
    • Relatively low recoil paired with good control
    • Grants a 10 second damage buff upon overheating
    • Like all laser weapons, shots removes 1 extra plating and penetrates through some armor


    • Builds up heat very quickly
    • Relatively low damage per hit
    • Deals decreased damage to shields (changed from increased to decreased damage in update 24)

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