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Modules are pre-applied modifiers on weapons that dictate certain special attributes that they might have.

Below is a table listing all of the possible weapon Modules that can be found:

Name Description Notes

Ammo Printing

Ammunition regenerates within the weapon magazine so long as it is not completely empty, not affecting total reserve ammo. Regeneration rate scales with magazine size. Also comes in a "Fast Ammo Printing" variant, with greater effect (Occurs when base weapon has ammo printing)

Active Reload Heat Vent

A successful active reload reduces current heat significantly. Found on the Nemesis Prototype

Adaptive Recoil

Chance to fire a shot that has negative recoil.
Anti Shield Deals extra damage against shields. Found on most laser weapons
Ammo Teleport Restocks ammunition every time the player goes through and end-of-level teleporter. Found on the ML7000 Plus
Battle Hunger Grants slight lifesteal.
Better with Time Fire rate and damage will improve over time when in combat. Found on the Tactical Observer
Bullet at MultiHits Generates 1 spare ammo every time a single shot from the gun hits multiple enemies. Only one ammo can be gained at any instance when the perk triggers. Found on the Human Model 9800K and K95 Classic
Chaos Burst Pulling the trigger fires a random number of shots at a very high rate of fire, anywhere from 2 shots to the entire magazine. Found on the Chaos Launcher. Minimum burst length will vary in the case of Hyper Burst or Burst Plus variants
Defender Grants temporary +15 damage absorb on first kill, then +1 for subsequent kills, for a max of +16 damage absorb. Found on the MAG47 Heavy MG
Dynamic Barrel Choke Changes deviation (spread) based on the shots remaining in the magazine; the first shot has the smallest deviation, while the last shot has the largest deviation. Found on the SPAS 12
Elite Damage+ The gun deals extra damage to elite enemies. Found on the 'Road Warrior'
Empowered First Shot The first shot after reloading will deal (50%) extra damage.
Empowered Last Shot The last bullet in a magazine will deal (50%) extra damage. Found on the Super 90 and KSG 2000
Energy Absorption Kills with this weapon can cause enemies to drop small red power orbs that are automatically absorbed and deposited into the magazine/cell as ready ammunition; gains 2 per enemy killed, 4 for Rank 2 and 3 Elites. Found on the 'Eraser' DMR
Evolving Software The gun will receive several small random stat upgrades every time the player goes through an end-of-level teleporter. Found on the SCR Laser SOCOM and P9000 Supernova
Exponential Ultra Piercing Pierces through enemies, increasing damage with each enemy pierced, including armored enemies and the player. Found on the Nemesis Prototype
Plasma Recharge Fast ammo regeneration after several seconds of not firing. Only found on the SS58 Plasma Mod
5% Quad Shot A 5% chance of the gun firing four bullets in one trigger pull, still only expending one shot from the magazine (the Kaida Nailgun being an exception, which will still consume four shots). Procs after twin-link effects. Found on the Kaida Nailgun and Annihilator ANH-5.
7% Triple Shot A 7% chance of the gun firing three bullets in one trigger pull, still only expending one shot from the magazine. Procs after twin-link effects. Found on the HIG-S Particle Cannon.
50 Kills Upgrade Every 50 kills, the weapon's fire rate, recoil, and deviation improve slightly and permanently.
Grenade/Trap Cooldown Each kill with this weapon removes 1 second of current cooldown from all grenades and traps. Found on the AEK Special Elite
Guardian Bonus Indicates the weapon is receiving Guardian class bonuses.
Commando Bonus Indicates the weapon is receiving Commando class bonuses.
Rogue Bonus Indicates the weapon is receiving Rogue class bonuses.
Specialist Bonus Indicates the weapon is receiving Specialist class bonuses.
Headshot Damage Up Increases damage multiplier by 0.01x for every 5 headshots. Sometimes grants 0.02x for certain milestones?
Headshot Heat Reduction Headshots reduce current weapon heat.
Heat Ventilation Weapon dissipates heat upon reloading.
Heavy Movement Move slower while this weapon is equipped.
High Ammo Capacity Greatly increased magazine size.
High Ammo Pickup Increased ammunition gain from ammo pickups/chests. Found on Scavenger variant weapons
High Temperature The weapon stays at a minimum of 25% heat and generates it rapidly upon firing.
Hunting Big Game Upgrades a random weapon stat whenever 10 Elites are killed; stacks 5 times. Found on the 'Road Warrior'
Inverted Recoil Reduces weapon deviation the longer you fire. Found on the Apollon 5 LMG
Lifesteal Projectile hits grant health to the player. Found on the AMD 65
Light Movement Increases movement speed while this weapon is equipped.
Low Shield Damage Deals reduced damage to shields. Found on the SS58 Plasma Mod
Movement Stabilized Reduces the effect of moving while shooting on gun recoil. Found on Stabilized variant weapons and certain pistols
Nail Fabrication Quickly regenerates ammunition within the gun's magazine. Found on the Kaida Nailgun
OICW Missile Launcher Has a chance to shoot a dumbfire rocket. Found on the Object 29
100 Kills Upgrade Improves fire rate, recoil, and deviation after every 100 kills with the weapon.
Pillager Passively increases scavenging by 20. Found on the RPK-12 Tundra
Powerup Chance Increases the chances of a killed enemy dropping a powerup.
Rare Ultra Variant The gun's base stats are all higher than standard, raises the rarity of the weapon similar to Timed and Cursed variants.
Shield Generator Gives the player a permanent 1 max shield per kill. Found on the LS Laser Sub. It is unknown if this ability has a cap.
Slow Start Grants +5% damage per 10 enemies killed; stacks 3 times. Reaching the maximum stack will also give +30% fire rate. Found on the 'Raptor' Laser SG
Overheat Overdrive (P25 Overdrive variant) Grants a 10 second damage buff upon overheating. Found on the P25 Overdrive
Overheat Overdrive (MAG47 Heavy MG variant) The weapon generates a consistent amount of heat per shot no matter how long the burst, heat generated dissipates at a slow rate. Grants significantly increased fire rate while overheated. Found on the MAG47 Heavy MG
Surprise Attack The first 30% of the magazine has zero recoil and 30% more damage. Found on the KI Vector and Eminence AR
Taking Credit Passive +20% increase to Currency at all times. Found on the R2000 'Sour' DMR
Underdog Every kill gives +0.10 health regen until 10 hp/sec is reached, and then +0.05 per second on subsequent kills. It is unknown if there is a cap where the +0.05 hp/sec boost stops stacking, but one may exist.
Distance Damage Increase Deals more damage the further the bullet travels. Found on the GM6 Lynx Evo
Unstable Heat Generation Generates a variable amount of heat per shot. Found on the Ion Obliterator
Heat Velocity/Damage Bonus Increases damage and projectile speed based on the amount of heat; damage increase can be seen when inspecting the weapon's damage multiplier. Found on the Ion Obliterator
Kill Frenzy Kills grant a temporary movement speed buff, while every 4 kills grants a temporary damage buff in addition; can stack multiple instances of both buffs. Found on the Viciator Ultra
Fighting The World Chance to gain a healing buff on kills. Found on the Battle Hymn
Possessed Projectiles Fires a frantic seeker projectile every second burst. Found on the Damnation
Perfect Last Shot Last bullet in magazine has no deviation. Found on the Desert Eagle .50
Reload Burns Ejecting the magazine will overheat, removing shields while also setting the player on fire, causing burning damage for a short period of time. Found on the SS58 Plasma Mod
Strong Chain Lightning Enemies killed by the chain lightning extend the chain length, allowing more targets to be hit. Found on the 'Mjolnir' Chain LTN
360-Noscope Damage Bonus Grants a short damage buff to the next shot after a 360-degree spin is made with the weapon equipped. Found on the 420 Sniperdragon
Hellfire Barrage Fluctuating fire rate. Found on the Armageddon
Consume Deals 2 self-damage to HP per shot fired, but kills reduce weapon heat. Found on the Armageddon
Healing Nanomachines Every shot hit has a chance to heal a small amount of HP. Found on Relic variant weapons
Ammo Pickup Malus Reduces ammo gained from pickups. Found on Ultra and Divine variant weapons