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There's a vast array of active and passive items you can find and use in your mission to take down the Heart of Armageddon, and you're going to need every single one in order to survive. You start with three class specific items (one set core item and two selectable class items) and can carry up to eight total. Items can be upgraded via Power Tokens gained from the Supply Hack Research, and via Upgrade Stations. Any item on hand can be recycled by dragging them to the red recycling item at the right side of the Item bar. This returns credits (based on rarity and quality) and can confer secret bonuses marked with "R:" under the item's description (revealed by unlocking the Recycling Info Research). Items can also be dropped to the ground, this is achieved by dragging an item off of the hotbar without recycling it. Items that are on cooldown cannot be dropped until they are ready to be used again.

Item Quality[edit | edit source]

The aspects of an item that are affected by its quality level are highlighted in orange beneath its description in-game.

Items come in several different quality levels and corresponding power levels by default:

  • Damaged: 75% Power
  • Standard: 100% Power
  • Superior: 125% Power
  • Ultra: 150% Power
  • Cursed: 150% Power, Worse Cooldown
  • Divine: 250% Power (1% chance * luck)
  • '''????''': 350% Power (0.1% chance * luck)
  • Revised: 100% Power, 25% Faster Cooldown. Replaces Damaged quality items when playing as an Engineer at Prestige 1 or higher.

Class Core items[edit | edit source]

Battlecry Module
Unleashes an electro-magnetic soundwave, damaging near targets based on maximum health and causing a brief stunning effect. Used by Riot Guard.
Breaching Charge
Throws out breaching charges with low range, dealing explosive damage in an area.
Dashing reloads one Breaching charge. Used by Breacher.
Targeting Laser
Lights bullet direction with a laser trail and drastically decreases weapon recoil and deviation when used.
Additionally, when not on cooldown, the next shot is a guaranteed critical strike. Used by Sniper.
Scoundrel's Dagger
A swift dagger attack, dealing damage and stealing life based on missing health.
Stabs from behind deal double damage and healing while reducing the cooldown by half. Also reduces weapon heat by 10 on use. Used by Assassin.
Umbra Adaptive Cloak
Grants stealth for a duration, making the user instantaneously invisible to most enemy forces, attacking or using items breaks the stealth effect. Used by Assassin.
Reverbing Blade
Unleashes a swift strike in close proximity, deals additional damage while dashing.
Dealing damage heals for a bit of missing health. Also reduces weapon heat by 10 on use. Used by Raider.
Onslaught System
Turns on the onslaught feed system, taking energy from movement and vision systems.
Grants strong ammo regeneration, highly reduced recoil, increased firerate and a chance to fire twice for a duration. Used by Heavy Gunner.
LMG Sentry Turret
Deploys a stationary light machine gun sentry turret, attacking near enemies with strong sustained firepower. Used by Engineer.
Empowers a friendly unit near the crosshairs, granting a firerate and maximum health boost at the cost of 25 scrap, can be stacked and lasts infinitely on summons.
Scrap is granted for kills, recycling items, bolts and plating. Used by Engineer.
Seismic Resonator
All explosions create a temporary resonating target which can be triggered to create a seismic aftershock explosion. Used by Demolisher.

Class starting items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Description Cooldown Note
Auto Taser.PNG
Auto Taser
Fires a taser projectile on a weapon shot after a slight delay, stunning and damaging a target when hit.
  • Starting item for Guardian classes
  • Increases heat by 5 on use.
Grants heavy damage resistance and health regeneration for all team members over a short duration. 50% chance to gain one charge at Medical Chests.
  • Starting item for Guardian classes
Rv rebuke system.PNG
RV Rebuke System
Reflects direct incoming bullet damage back to the original shooter. +5 armor.
  • Starting item for Guardian classes
  • Recycle bonus: grants 7 Damage Absorb; scales with item power
  • Damage reflected is indicated by floating purple numbers above enemies. Higher item power increases the damage multiplier (base 1.0).
Stun Grenade.PNG
Stun Grenade
Stunning all units in an area for a brief moment, removing shields and granting 5 guardian core stacks.
  • Starting item for Guardian classes
  • Small area of effect
Consumes all shield and does damage based on shield consumed.

The next shield recharge has no delay and grants 5 class core stacks.

  • Starting item for Guardian classes
  • Currently (V. 25.30) does not grant the 5 class core stacks.
Throws a hard hitting tomahawk axe, dealing more damage the longer it flies and causing a strong wound, reducing enemy healing by half for 8 seconds
  • Starting item for Guardian classes
Cell Replacer.PNG
Cell Replacer
Using a teleporter heals for 75% of maximum health for all team members. Entering a boss room or finding a vial pickup grants a strong health regeneration buff.
  • Starting item for Rogue classes
Places a hologram that will take enemies' attention.
  • Staring item for Rogue classes
Flare gun.PNG
Flare Gun
Fires a flare projectile, lighting up the area and granting increased accuracy and damage if within range while revealing invisible units.
  • Also disorients and ignites any enemies within range of the flare.
  • Unlockable item for Rogue classes
Helsing Power Shot.PNG
'Helsing' Power Bolt
Fires a custom heavy power bolt after a delay, dealing high damage and gaining damage on each pierced target
  • Starting item for Rogue classes
Laser Mine.png
LAser Mine
Throws down mines on the ground. Enemies that step on mines take 1000 damage.
  • Starting item for Rogue classes
Smoke Grenade.png
Smoke Grenade
Drops a smoke cloud that grants a strong dodge chance buff while the player is standing in it.
  • Starting item for Rogue classes
Flash Grenade.PNG
TP Grenade Flash
Disorients and slows enemies in a large area. Deals 20% maximum health damage to targets hit, up to 1000 damage.
  • Starting item for Rogue classes
  • Can blind the user as well if facing in the direction of the explosion with no obstructions (e.g. walls) blocking the line-of-sight.
Hard Light Cover.png
Hard Light Cover
Places a barricade that acts as normal cover and improves shield regeneration while near.
  • Starting item for Commando classes
Deals minimal damage then heals team members by a large amount after a delay. Uses no charges and reduces cooldown on kills and vial pickups.
  • Starting item for Commando classes
Plasma Grenade.PNG
Plasma Grenade
Throws a plasma grenade, dealing a high amount of damage concentrated in a circular area.
  • Starting item for Commando classes
  • Small area of effect
Road flare.PNG
Road Flare
Fires a flare projectile, lighting up the area and granting increased accuracy and damage if within range while revealing invisible units.
  • Starting item for Commando classes
  • Disorients and ignites enemies in range of the flare
  • Increases heat by 5 when used.
Special Ammo Supply
Uses charges that can be used by all team members, refilling ammo and granting a damage boost.

Weapons produce 25% less heat when using special ammo and the LG-2 'Onslaught' can be refilled with it.

  • Recycle bonus: fully refills all ammo for all weapons
  • Starting item for Commando classes
  • Good for Heavy Gunner
Stim Pack.PNG
Stim Pack
Stimulants grant fire rate, damage, movement speed, and improved dashing recharge for all team members for a short period.
  • Starting item for Commando classes
Empowers a friendly unit near the crosshairs, granting a firerate and maximum h

ealth boost at the cost of 25 scrap, can be stacked and lasts infinitely on summons.

Scrap is granted for kills, recycling items, bolts and plating.

  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • Engineer always starts with this item, but can take 2 if this is selected
Acid Grenade.PNG
Acid Grenade
Creates an acid puddle, afflicting anyone passing it and generates 25 heat when thrown.
  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • Increases heat by 25 on use.
Dragon's Masterkey.PNG
Dragon's Masterkey
Fires a quick short-range shotgun blast using custom Dragonsbreath incendiary ammunition, causing burning damage and slowing targets. Has a chance to fire a second shot.
  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • Decreases heat by 20 on use.
Field Supply.PNG
Field Supply
Deploys an ammunition canister to be used by all team members. Picking up any ammo heals team members for 15% of maximum health.
  • Recycle bonus: fully refills all ammo for all weapons
  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • When used in solo play, immediately redeems ammo + HP boost at end of activation period instead of deploying a canister.
Missile Drone.png
Missile Drone
Spawns a friendly missile drone to fight for you.
  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • Spawned at the crosshair location, as long as there are no obstructions
  • The drone cannot hit enemies if it is too close to them.
Spider Mines.png
Spider Mines
Spawns an allied spiderbot that seeks enemies and explodes. Gains one charge per double kill, and

two charges for a triple kill.

  • Starting item for Specialist classes
Unidentified Potion.PNG
Unidentified Potion
Has one of many mostly positive side effects and heals 35% of missing health on all team members. Gains one charge while teleporting.
  • Starting item for Specialist classes
  • Starts with a maximum of 3 charges; maximum number of charges increases with item power
  • Rolls one of five possible bonuses along with the heal:
    • Body Upgrade (Random, selected from the same list as you get from a Body Upgrade chest or quest completion, but with lower stats)
    • Dazed (Slowed Movement)
    • Poisoned (Acid Damage DoT)
    • Shields Restored (shields healed to full with a temporary buff)
    • Regeneration (?? HP/sec, temporary)
    • There is an even chance for each buff/debuff
Composite 4.PNG
Composite 4
Plants a remotely detonable explosive on the ground, can be detonated by clicking the explosive icon

Unlocked by completing all Arenas Modes (Arena Upgrade DLC) once
  • Starting item for all classes
Summons a shielded Riot Guard for protection on a longer cooldown

Granted from referring 1 persons to the game!
  • Starting item for all classes
Neutrino Bomb.png
Neutrino Bomb
Place a neutrino bomb on the ground, detonating after a couple of seconds, dealing extreme area damage

Unlocked by playing all arenas once
  • Starting item for all classes
Suitcase Sentry.png
'Seth-up' Suitcase Sentry
Drops a suitcase sentry that uses an integrated laser weapon. Stacks twice.
  • Starting item for all classes
  • Reference to the YouTuber SsethTzeentach.
  • Recycle bonus: Consumes 750 credits after the recycling credit increase, while giving an Unidentified Potion

Active items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Description Cooldown Note
Gives great buffs for a duration, but has limited charges and cannot replenish.
  • Does not gain charges from vial pickups.
Chaos Potion.PNG
Chaos Potion
Heals or damages between -150 and +700 hp, but can never be fatal. Grants +1 permanent health regeneration on each use for all team members.
  • Removed from inventory if all charges are consumed.
  • Only obtained from chests
HE Grenade.PNG
HE Grenade
Deals explosive damage in an area.
  • Has a chance to reset cooldown
Health Vial.PNG
Health Vial
Instantly regenerates a fixed amount of team members health. Last charge heals double. Gains charges via vial pickups but is destroyed at zero charges.
  • Can only be obtained through save editing.
Heat Sink.png
Heat Sink
Fires out a flame trail, burning enemies. Damage is based on current weapon heat and removes some heat when using
  • Overheating does extra damage
Heavy Steel Trap.PNG
Heavy Steel Trap
Snaps upon an enemy walking above, inflicting high damage, slowing, and bleeding in a small radius. Can be triggered 3 times before being destroyed. Automatically places traps at max stacks.
M26 MA Shotgun System.PNG
M26 MA Shotgun System
Fires two bursts of penetrating flechette rounds, causing direct damage and bleeding. Increases weapon heat when used.
  • Increases heat by 15 on use.
Weapon Upgrade Kit.PNG
Upgrade Kit
Increases damage of the currently equipped weapon and allows the installation of one of many varied attachments. Grants a choice of 3. Increased item power grants a small chance of getting a second attachment.
  • Max 4 attachments - using more kits beyond this point grants four or more random stat increases (based on difficulty modifiers/weapon variant); becomes damage stat increases when a weapon is fully upgraded.
Black Market Teleporter.png
Black Market Teleporter
Dropping below 25% health lets you vanish to the starting teleporter and releases a blinding flash
  • Automatically triggers off cooldown whenever you are under 25% health, not on attack. Can be problematic if you don't have healing.
  • Can be triggered manually.
Composite 4.PNG
Composite 4
Plants a remotely detonatable explosive on the ground which can be detonated by clicking the explosive icon.
  • Once placed, click on it directly to detonate. In co-op you can detonate your partner's C4.
DMR Sentry Turret.PNG
DMR Sentry Turret
Deploys a stationary long range sentry turret, attacking enemies with high-powered shots.
  • Summoned turrets have permanent health loss effect, can randomly spawn as Elite versions (higher item power increases the chance).
Fires a barrage of beams from above in a narrow area.
Fast sling.PNG
Fast Sling
When ready, switching weapons grants a temporary fire rate and damage buff. Prevents weapon switching for a duration.
  • Recycle bonus: increases pistol damage by 25%
Kunai throwing knives.PNG
Kunai Throwing Knives
Fires a spread of knives, causing direct damage and bleeding. Increases weapon heat when used.
  • Increases heat by 15 on use.
Spawns a mind-controlled Champion, who annihilates nearby targets. The Champion can only be targeted by enemies when reloading.
  • Summoned Champions have permanent health loss effect, can randomly spawn as elite versions with either shields or plating (higher item power increases the chance).
  • Like normal enemies, movement speed and reaction speed scales with Terror Level.
Target Cogitator.PNG
Target Cogitator
While active, all shots lock onto the nearest enemy with reduced recoil and increased fire rate. Kills whilst it's active grant a permanent accuracy increase.
Greatly decreases dash cooldown and strongly improves movement accuracy for the duration. Dashing grants a short damage buff.
  • Severely increases firing slowdown while active; cannot be countered by the Mael artifact
Core Upgrade Kit
Grants one of multiple powerful passive stat boosts.
  • Provides ~two body upgrades selected from a list.
  • Can be upgraded for a chance to not consume the kit.
Custom Upgrade Kit.png
Custom Upgrade Kit
Reduces recoil, deviation, reload and ejection times of the currently held weapon.
  • Level 10+ Heavy Gunner starting item
Direct Current
Discharges a stunning lightning strike which also strips all shields of one close enemy - can obtain one or two charges on kills.
  • Recycle bonus: increased slowing effects
Heart Core.PNG
Heart Core
Grants maximum health based on kills within 12 seconds.
  • Also fully heals the player after use.
  • Higher item power increases max health gain per kill.
Resets heat to minimum and removes ammo cost for a duration.
  • Reduces heat generated per shot when active.
Intensity Chamber.png
Intensity Chamber
If not on cooldown, has a chance to gain +1 ammo to unequipped weapons. When used, it grants one of the five powerups, but disables its passive effect when used or when on cooldown.
  • Power level only affects the chance to produce ammo, and cooldown time.
Madness Button.png
madness Button
Raises terror level on use. Long cooldown.
Magic Mag.png
magic Mag
Instantly reloads the current magazine, (must not be empty) resets heat and grants a temporary buff that increases firerate and removes movement inaccuracy.
  • Does not pull ammo from the weapon's ammo pool.
Fires many soft-point shots, dealing extra damage to elite enemies.
Module Core
Allows selecting one of three different class modules.
  • High drop chance from bosses. Drop chance will decrease (for following bosses) every time one is dropped by a boss.
  • Can also be obtained from mystery chests and the Mystery Bonus from the Prestige Shop.
Psy Field.PNG
Psy Field
Creates a temporary slowing field that damages and lowers movement speed. No friendly fire.
Refractor Crystal.PNG
Refractor Crystal
Fully absorbs any incoming damage and reflects it in a large area.
  • Recycle bonus: increases time invincible when taking health damage
Shielded Decoy.png
Shielded Decoy
Places a decoy with high shield, taking enemies' attention.
Stinger Jet Glider.PNG
Stinger Jet Glider
Spawns a controlled drone, seeking targets near the current position with strong sustained damage.
  • Summoned gliders have permanent health loss effect, can randomly spawn as Elite versions (higher item power increases the chance).
  • Summoned Gliders use a custom blue color scheme, to make them easier to tell apart from enemy Gliders.
  • Like normal enemies, movement speed and reaction speed scales with Terror Level.
Living Bomb.png
ZR99 'Living Bomb'
Triggers a strong seismic explosion and grants brief invulnerability at the expense of health and shields.
  • Damage to shields and health is taken after the second explosion.
Bloodthirsty Ring.png
Bloodthirsty Ring
Charged by obtaining 50 eliminations, destroying the ring when fully charged grants a special reward from Zir.
Ring of Experience
Accumulates bonus experience, can be redeemed by destroying the ring. Dying with the ring intact loses all. Slightly increases damage taken.
Ring of Glass
Charged by obtaining 1000 experience, destroying the ring when fully charged grants a new item. Taking health damage shatters the ring.
  • Can be recycled when fully charged to gain both credits and the item
Air Com.PNG
Air Com
Calls in an airstrike, releasing cluster bombs over a large area.
  • Obtainable via collecting 30 dog tags as a Raider
Blood Rite.PNG
Blood Rite
Trade health to equally damage all enemies visible, and temporary damage absorption.
  • Recycle bonus: increases Healing stat by 15%; amount scales with item power
  • Higher item power increases damage dealt on use and reduces cooldown.
  • Can be found from using any option at a curse shrine.
High Command.png
High Command
Summons a heavy Red Guard assisting with fire support on a long cooldown.
  • Red guard has high health and armor.
  • Has a chance of spawning a mini tank that fires V22 explosive rounds and has very high health and armor.
Infinity Drill Piece.png
Infinity Drill Piece
Unleashes a mysterious drilling projectile, dealing up to 10 damage instances at extreme speed before vanishing
  • Shoots homing projectile on demand, making chained attack.
  • Cannot penetrate walls or objects; must have line-of-effect.
  • Reference to the anime Gurren Lagann.
Madness Glasses.PNG
Madness Glasses
Adds nightvision, lifesteal, and damage bonus when activated.
Order 322
Mind control an enemy unit for a brief time.
  • If used on allies, grants the controlled unit hp regen while active
  • Reference to a famous DotA scandal about matchfixing.
Unleashes a slowly moving devastating orbital beam, following the target reticle and dealing heavy area damage.
Sundering Shuriken.png
Z1 Sundering Shuriken
Throws out a shuriken that multiplies itself on ricochets.
  • Does not ever drop in co-op due to general bugginess.

Passive items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Description Cooldown Note
Biting Throwing Stars.png
Biting Throwing Stars
Weapon shots have a chance to unleash acid throwing stars, which poison enemies when hit.
G87 Beamer.png
Triggers a slowly moving beam, seeking a near target and dealing continuous damage, fired from a drone above.
Heat Spreader.png
Heat Spreader
Deals damage in the immediate area, burning enemies. Damage is based on current weapon heat.
Lightning Boots.PNG
Lightning Boots
Dashing through enemies consumes charges and deals damage. Increases movement speed.
  • Recycle bonus: retain movement speed bonus
  • Stacks 10 times. (10 damage instances)
M205 Launcher.PNG
M205 Launcher
Fires a bouncing 40mm high explosive grenade, triggers on weapon shots when it is ready.
  • Increases heat by 5 when launched.
Orb of Iron.PNG
Orb of Iron
Shots have a chance to release the orb, stunning enemies and ricocheting. Picking up plating instantly resets the cooldown.
  • Recycle bonus: grants 2 plating
Orb of Wind.PNG
Orb of Wind
Shots can unleash the orb, damaging and disorienting enemies. Bullets also gain higher velocity.
  • Recycle bonus: increases projectile speed
  • A damage over time effect automatically targets one enemy (possibly a small AoE?) and moves to a new target instantly when the first dies. Damage diminishes over time.
Power Array
Charges a strong immaterial beam which is released on weapon shots at 100 charges - kills also add charges.
  • Higher item power increases the charges held, as well as the charging speed.
Every 6th shot deals increased damage.
  • Tracks what shot you're on via a number on its icon and number next to the weapon crosshair
  • Also increases special effects of projectiles, such as explosive radius for missiles and grenades
  • Decreases heat by 5 upon triggering.
Ripjack Hyper Blade.PNG
Ripjack Hyper Blade
Weapon hits have a chance to unleash a custom hyper blade at high speed. Causes bleeding and bounces many times.
  • This item comes with a high risk factor, as the speed and number of ricochets make self-damage relatively common.
Twin Link II.PNG
Twin Link II
Chance to fire an additional shot with each weapon shot fired.
  • Recycle bonus: increases accuracy stat by 15%; amount scales with item power
  • Runs on cooldown; not chance-based.
  • Triggers when the item is ready and a weapon is fired; doubles the projectiles per shot fired for a short duration, with a chance to fire an additional shot.
Unstable Current
Discharges a devastating heavy lightning strike on a nearby enemy when not on cooldown.
  • Recycle bonus: increased slowing effects
  • Automatically triggers, guaranteed to hit.
Shows chests, pickups and enemy locations the map.

Passively increases scavenging. Recycling grants +10 Scavenging permanently.

  • Displays entire level map in real-time
  • Power does not affect anything.
Healing Crystal.PNG
Healing Crystal
Grants a health regeneration aura with strength based on the crystal weilder's proximity to enemies.
  • Recycle bonus: minor health regeneration
Heart Seeker
Kills have a chance of releasing two target homing seeker needles
  • Seekers are released from the player avatar
Last Stand.PNG
Last Stand
Dropping below 35% health releases a strong heal after a delay.
  • Recycle bonus: increases max shield
Metal Detector.png
Metal Detector
Walking over a mine triggers a damage absorption buff. Passively increases credit gain.
Destroys 1 additional plating per hit, with a 7% chance to absorb the plating.
  • Recycle bonus: grants full plating and increases max plating by 2
Grants a short duration shield, activates instantly in combat. Increases luck passively.
  • Recycle bonus: increases max shield
  • Passively increases Luck by 25.
Fires a homing missile on weapon shots. Has a chance for an extra shot.
  • Increases heat by 10 when fired.
Tsunami Talisman.PNG
Tsunami Talisman
Resets recoil, heals for a portion of max health, and briefly grants firerate and recoil control on firing.
  • Recycle bonus: increases stun duration
Blood Bolt.PNG
Blood Bolt
Chance to unleash a frantic bloodbolt on weapon shots, seeking a near target.
Fan of Knives.png
Fan of Knives
Losing shields triggers a 360 degree retaliation of sharp damaging knives.
Gold Nugget.png
Gold Nugget
Grants a massive boost to luck while held, and grants between 1000-10000 credits when recycled.
  • Affected by credit gain stat and recycling bonuses.
Gun Drone Spawner.PNG
Gun Drone Spawner
Kills have a chance of spawning a gun drone in proximity, providing light fire support.
  • Summoned drones have permanent health loss effect, can randomly spawn as Elite versions (higher item power increases the chance)
  • Like normal enemies, movement speed and reaction speed scales with Terror Level.
Triggers multiple fast-moving satellite beams in proximity of a near target, dealing high damage over an area. Has a chance to reset cooldown upon use.
Maverick MKV.PNG
Maverick MKV
Weapon shots have a magazine-size-adjusted chance to fire a dumbfire missile.
  • Has small AoE which is still capable of self-damage
Orb of Fire.PNG
Orb of Fire
Increases fire duration and grants a chance to unleash a fire wave on weapon shots, dealing damage and increasing heat.
  • Identical to a Makeshift Firecannon shot
  • Increases heat by 7 on use.
Shock Impulse
Attacks cause splash damage around targets. Attacking shielded enemies drains 25% of their maximum capacity and amplifies the splash effect.
  • Recycle bonus: increases shield regen
  • Triggers upon firing a weapon; causes all shots fired to have the effect for a short duration.
Sticky Bomb.png
ZK77 'Stcky Bomb'
Can throw a bomb on weapon shots, exploding in a large area multiple times where it lands.
  • Increases heat by 5 on initial throw.
Air Horn.png
Enemy Takedowns can trigger the airhorn granting a damage and critical strike chance bonus for a duration. Has a 50% chance to keep rolling and trigger an additional usage
Feeds on damage dealt to discharge a barrage of heavy energy explosions at the target location.
  • Explosions follow the cursor, and can damage the player.
  • Reference to the 1988 movie Akira.
Black berserk charm.PNG
Black Berserk Charm
Removes shields and grants increased fire rate, health regeneration, and damage absorption. Stronger effect at lower health.
  • Recycle bonus: minor lifesteal
  • Increases the player's total health pool by 50% as well.
  • Multiple instances of this item do not stack. [1]
  • Fully heals the player on the first pickup of the item, regardless of Healing
  • Reference to the anime/manga Berserk.
Devil's Dice.PNG
Devil's Dice
Kills roll the dice and increase or decrease critical strike chance. If the maximum stack is reached, all curses are cleansed.
  • Recycle bonus: increases Luck by 50
  • Max stack gives +20 Critical Chance
Divine Reconstructor
Prevents death and grants brief invulnerability.
  • Obtained by completing the Bloodthirsty Ring and recycling it.
  • Multiple instances of this item stack.
  • Recycling reduces max health
Headshots deal increased damage and have a chance to cause an Annihilator explosion.
  • Recycle bonus: increases explosive damage
Fangs of Mordigan
Takes a bite out of an enemy on hit, replenishing a random amount of health, increasing maximum health, and causing bleeding
  • Recycle bonus: increases bleeding effects
  • Causes blood splatters, size scaling with the power of the hit that triggered it.
Fire Prism
Has a chance of triggering a strong laser array on weapon shots.
Grants massive lifesteal with a very minor cooldown and constantly drains life from all units in the level.
  • Recycle bonus: increases Critical Damage
  • Reduces Damage Absorb by 25
  • Higher item power increases lifesteal at the cost of increasing the rate that health is lost and decreasing damage absorb
  • Does not actually drain life for all units, only the player.
Orb of Lightning.png
Orb of Lightning
Attacks have a chance to briefly stun the target and strike with chaining lightning - can proc off itself.
  • Restores charges over time. Not sure if item power increases charges (seems to have 4 charges?)
Reality Ripper
Rips through reality and damages multiple targets while rapidly jumping between them.
  • Triggers when an enemy is nearby
Uranium 235.PNG
Uranium 235
Bullets apply permanent stacking radioactive radiation. Radiation also affects the wielder.
  • Recycle bonus: increases laser damage
  • Can stack infinitely. Stacks are indicated by a number on the top right of enemy health bars.
  • Item applies a weak Damage over Time (0.75/s base) to the player, which increases with higher item power
  • Radiation from fired projectiles does not affect the player

Unobtainable items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Description Note
Deploys a stationary high range sentry turret, attacking near enemies Only obtained via save editing, general description similar to the two existing turrets. Likely an early prototype.
Unsoldered Chip
Destroying a boss enemy charges the chip with energy. Use to permanently unlock a new microchip. Only obtained via save editing. Planned future mechanic.
Time Lock.PNG

Time Lock

All buffs, debuffs, and any non-stun status effects currently applied to enemies will stop decreasing for 10 seconds while active.
  • Recycle bonus: reduces heat generation
  • Covers any status effects applied to the player, including stuns.
  • Newly applied status effects during the item's active time also stop decreasing in duration.
  • Starter item for Specialist classes
  • No longer obtainable. Icon reused for Refresher
Hitting enemies and all fired bullets grants lifeblood charges which can be consumed to heal all team members - cooldown based on charge amount.
  • Currently does not drop, and can only be obtained as a starting item through save editing.
Combat amphetamine.PNG
Combat Amphetamine
Slows down time for a duration.
  • Grants a short-duration movement speed buff after usage. Higher item power increases this duration, but does not increase the duration of the time slow itself.
  • No longer obtainable due to frequent crashing.
Trophy System Drone.PNG
Trophy System Drone
Shoots down bullets mid-flight, can overdrive for increased effect.
  • Recycle bonus: keep a weaker version of the drone
  • No longer obtainable
Time Lock.PNG
All buffs, debuffs and non stun effects on enemies stop decreasing when active
  • Reduced heat generation on recycling
  • No longer obtainable