Human Model 9800K

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Human Model 9800K
5 / 30
A fusion-charge precision rifle that slows enemies with its special inverse fusion ammo.
1.00x / 0.90x
35 / 48
R/E time
2.00s / 0.25s
  • Bullet At Multihits
  • Passive Shield Generator
  • 75% Bonus Boss Damage
  • +50 Headshot Damage (hidden)
  • Custom Ammo Supplier (hidden)
  • The Human Model 9800K is a fusion sniper rifle that uses special cold-fusion ammo, slowing enemies it hits. This ammo type is granted to all fusion weapons when the gun is obtained. It deals extra damage to bosses, and improves the user's shield regeneration speed. It will add a bullet into spare ammo if a shot hits multiple enemies. It is an updated, fusion version of the K98 Classic.

    In Arena, it can be purchased for Sniper as a Series 4 weapon.

    The abbreviation for this weapon is '98K.'

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • High firepower and accuracy
    • Hits inflict a slowing effect on enemies
    • Provided Cold Fusion ammo pierces enemies
    • Quick Eject
    • Many positive attributes


    • Very limited magazine capacity and very low max ammo
    • Very slow rate of fire

    Ammo[edit | edit source]

    • Fusion Ammunition
      • Cold Fusion Charge
      • Fusion Charge

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    • Bullet At Multihits
      • Recovers spare ammo from striking multiple enemies with a single shot
        • 1 ammo from double hit
        • 2 ammo from triple hit
    • Passive Shield Generator
      • Shields will regenerate while the weapon is in the player's possession, at 20% of shield regen stat strength.
      • Shield regeneration still acts as normal after a delay. The two do not stack
    • 75% Bonus Boss Damage
      • 75% bonus damage against bosses while held
    • +50 Headshot Damage (hidden)
      • Since Cold fusion ammo only deals 50% headshot damage, this acts as a way to counter that so the weapon stays effective at headshots similarly to other rifles.
    • Custom Ammo Supplier (hidden)
      • Gives the Cold Fusion ammo type for every compatible weapon

    Notes/Tips[edit | edit source]

    • 100% increased drop chance for Sniper

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • This weapon is based off of the Karabiner 98k (Kar98k), particularly its scoped variants