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Explosives expert with focus on high area damage with Launcher preference. Uses his seismic resonator for chain explosions
core: Pulverize
Explosions refresh 30 shields and 5 health per target hit
Double kills grant 1 armor
Triple kills grant 0.5 health regen
Ultra kills grant 4% scavenging
Weapons reload 25% faster, deal 25% more damage to turrets, and gain 25% increased rate of fire
Ejecting and reloading regenerates 100 shields per second, or 200 for Launchers
level 5
Explosions grant 2 HE-Infusion ammo, each increasing the damage of a weapon shot by 75, and granting the Pulverize Core bonuses
level 10
Activated Grenades activate twice, and all items gain 20% power
Take reduced explosion damage
level 15
Ares GL-16 gains a bonus after 75 kills
Launchers, Rifles with Launchers, and other Special weapons gain a 10% chance not to consume ammo, and gain double bonuses from stat upgrades
level 20
Never take more than 450 damage from a single attack, and gain 75 armor whilst below 30% health
Seismic Resonator also causes a secondary blast, dealing less damage over a larger radius
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
Each boss kill grants 10% increased magazine size for all equipped launchers (rounds up to an extra shot at 50%)
Triple or Ultra kills grant a charge for the Resonator
Cosmetic: Energy Orb
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Weapons fire and reload significantly faster
  • Bonuses for explosive weapons and grenade-type items
  • Grants small, but permanent stat increases on multi-kills
  • Cannot take more than 450 damage a hit (at level 20)
  • Reliant on explosions/explosive weapons and multi-kills

Memory Modules[edit | edit source]

Status Extender
All user affecting positive and negative status effects last [30%] longer and status effects don't deal damage below 25% health.
Forged by Fire
Grants up to [10%] critical strike chance and [30%] higher firerate the higher the weapon Heat.
Getting hit by an explosion refreshes shields and grants a strong damage and firerate buff for [3] seconds.

All Grenades, placable mines & traps have [20%] reduced cooldowns.
Chromatic Alloy
Taking health damage over 50 has a [25%] chance of granting 200 armor for 5 seconds, 20 seconds cooldown.
Weapons Deal
Starting Pistols and weapons come in a non standard variant and weapon upgrade shops cost [25%] less.
All ammo regeneration effects are amplified by [35%].

Picking up ammo grants slight ammo regeneration for [15] seconds.
Inner Fire
Grants [20] health regeneration while in combat for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Instantly increases weapon heat by 25 and sets shields to half strength after the maximum duration.
Active reload grants [30%] improved recoil control and increases item cooldown speed by [100%] for 2 seconds.
Well Oiled
All items grant [4] maximum health and heal for the same on activation - stacks 50 times.

Item activations have a [2%] chance of resetting running cooldowns of all items.
Items cool down [25%] faster and weapons eject up to [35%] faster if heat is over 40.

Increases movement speed by 30.
Elemental Power
All inflicted slow, poison, fire, or bleed effects last [25%] longer (radiation deals more damage).

All effects applied by shots have a [15%] chance to have triple strength.
Take [15%] increased damage under 50 Heat and deal [15%] more damage when over 50 heat.

Overheating no longer removes shields and grants a strong shield buff for 6 seconds.
The first recycled item grants a replacement of the same rarity and [2] Plating.

Passively increases recycling gain by [35%].
Increases heat generation by [25%]. Dash now resets current heat, refreshes shields and reduces Dash cooldown all by [30%].

Increases dodge chance by 5%.
Sun Rising
Every 300 Heat produced passively increase burn and crit damage by 1%.

Stacks [40] times and reaching the max heals to full HP once.
Force Unleashed
Picking up Powerups heals for [10%] missing health and all powerups last [3] seconds longer (Powerups always last longer depending on how fast they were picked up).

Notes[edit | edit source]

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