Annihilator ANH-5

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Annihilator ANH-5
5 / 25
It might look like an assault rifle, but it's really more like a grenade launcher.
30 / 33
r+e time
2.6 / 0.6
  • 100 Max Shield Bonus
  • Consumes Shield Each Shot
  • 5% Quad Shot Chance
  • Description pending.

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • Fires high velocity rounds that deal impact damage, then cause a fairly large explosion
    • Projectile impact and explosion is guaranteed to inflict slow
    • Increases maximum shields whilst equipped
    • Chance to fire four shots for the price of one


    • Slow reload cycle
    • Starts at 40% base heat, which may lead to quicker overheats
    • Consumes shield when fired (no shield regen delay inflicted)
    • Large explosion radius makes it dangerous to use up close
    • Limited ammo supply
    • Low recoil control makes recovering from shots difficult
    • Explosions are delayed, making it possible for fast-moving targets to avoid them entirely

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    Tips[edit | edit source]

    • Due the Annihilator's increased base heat, certain class modules with heat thresholds can be made effectively permanent whilst holding the weapon
      • The Specialist's Overdrive module provides an item cooldown reduction and ejection time reduction
      • The Guardian's Aegis MK5 Platinum module provides a shield regen delay reduction and movement speed increase
    • Like the HIG-S' Triple Shot, the Quad Shot triggers after Twin Link effects; by carrying a Twin Link II item or installing the Twin Link I attachment, there is a (small) chance for the weapon to fire eight projectiles for the price of one, essentially turning it into a shotgun for that single trigger-pull. The possible shot count combinations are;
    1 (no proc)
    2 (twinlink only)
    4 (quadshot only)
    5 (twinlink - one quadshot, one normal)
    8 (twinlink - both quadshot)

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The weapon's design seems to share similarities with the MA5 series of assault rifles from the Halo franchise