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There are dozens of kinds of ammunition available in SYNTHETIK, many with unique (and unusual) effects.

DISCLAIMER: This page should not be seen as an exhaustive listing of every single ammo type available; instead, it attempts to cover the major bases. There are far too many 'unique' ammo types to go into detail on all of them, and many are specific to particular weapons (such as the special ammo types of the 'Mjolnir' Chain LTN or SS58 Plasma Mod), whilst others are just the same base type with a fancy name (e.g. 'Pulse Slug' for the Viciator Ultra's Triple Slugs).

With that out of the way, here's the important information;

Ballistic[edit | edit source]

Small/Medium/Large[edit | edit source]

FMJ - standard ammunition
The standard ammunition for most Pistols, Sub-machine guns. No particular pros or cons. Shots have a chance to pierce enemies and ricochet.

Soft Point - reduced damage, but chance to stun/slow and deal bonus damage
Ammo found on the Spectre and Tactical Observer. Soft Point ammunition is also provided as a starting ammunition for the Riot Guard once at Level 5. It can be used by low-caliber weapons (e.g. Pistols, Sub-machine guns, etc.), with a chance to stun for a very short duration, while medium-caliber weapons (e.g. Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, etc.) inflict slow instead. Cannot be used by weapons with 8.8mm or higher caliber ammo.

AP/SABOT - significantly increased armor penetration and penetration damage
Found on certain assault and precision rifles, such as the R5000 'Sudden' DMR, AEK Special Elite, Sturmgewehr 44. AP/SABOT ammo can be used on most ballistic weapons and penetrates armor more effectively than standard ammunition. 8.8mm or higher caliber ammo gains piercing.

Hypersonic - chance to deal bonus damage
Found primarily on the Sniper and Assassin exclusive pistols, alongside the KI Vector and AS-VAL, Hypersonic ammo is - as the name implies - extremely fast. It does not produce visible tracers, but has a 7% chance to fire a visible tracer shot that deals 50% bonus damage. It also has +10 armor penetration.

Hollow point - chance to inflict bleeding
Reduced damage, but has a chance to fire a red-colored projectile that slows and applies bleeding, causing damage over time. Unlike most other ballistic weapons, finding Hollow Point rounds unlocks their equivalent ammo type for shotguns (or vice versa), and a bleeding ammo for the Kaida Nailgun and Raider Scrap Cannon. Can be used by most ballistic weapons up to 8.8mm ammo.

Acid Tip - periodically fires an acidic round
Acidic or poisoned rounds are another flavor of damage over time, every fourth shot applies a stacking corrosion effect to enemies (ammo shown on the heat bar will have a green outline). Inflicts a slow-acting acid/poison which ticks slowly but hits hard. It can primarily be found on the R2000 'Sour' DMR and RPK-12 Tundra, and can be used by Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and Precision Rifles between 5.57mm and 14.4mm ammo. Finding it also unlocks poisoned steel arrows for the K3 Auto Boltcaster and Ballistic CRX-Bow.

Unstable Core - random crit chance and damage
An unusual ammo type found on the Chaos Launcher. Unstable Core ammo has highly variable damage and critical chance. It is not actually exclusive to the Chaos Launcher, and can be used on the Twin Mill MkII.

Accelerator SC/Titanium Core - pierces and ricochets
Default ammo found on the GM6 Lynx EVO and Nemesis Prototype. High-caliber, increased armor penetration, pierces multiple enemies, and is guaranteed to ricochet. Deals double damage to bosses. Titanium Core also removes 1 additional plating per hit.

Kurz Ammo Found on the K98 Classic, AMD 65, R5000 'Sudden' DMR, Tuned M14 EBR, MAG47 Heavy MG, AS-VAL, Sturmgewehr 44. Default ammo that is guaranteed to pierce enemies.

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Buckshot - standard ammunition
Fires 8 pellets that can ricochet. this is the standard ammunition for the vast majority of shotguns, except the 'Raptor' Laser SG

Dragons breath - incendiary shot
Found on the SPAS 12 and Battle Hymn, Dragons Breath shells fire 6 pellets that ignite enemies on contact, causing fast burn damage over time. stacks in duration and damage. Completely exclusive to shotguns (excluding the 'Raptor' Laser SG); seems to have no equivalent for other ballistic weaponry.

Flechette - causes bleeding
Not found on any shotguns, but available by finding its corresponding ammo type (Hollow point). Fires 6 pellets that inflict bleed damage over time.

Triple Slug - more damage, fewer projectiles
Found on the KSG 2000. Fires 3 projectiles. Whilst this means a reduced chance of hitting multiple enemies, each slug has more damage with minimal spread and thus penetrates armor more effectively.

Power Bolt/Accelerated Coil x1 - a single, devastating projectile
A single high-power slug that pierces and slows enemies, Power Bolts are found exclusively on the Pressurized Impaler but can be used by almost all shotguns (except for the 'Raptor' Laser SG, for obvious reasons). Collecting it also unlocks X1 Coil ammo for Coil Shotguns like the XM2 Coil Pistol and RRX Coil Shotgun. Accelerated Coil x1 cannot pierce enemies and does not inflict slow.

Laser[edit | edit source]

Laser Weapons: Kaida Laser Pistol, PPQ-H Laser Pistol, P25 Overdrive (Pistol), LS Laser Sub (SMG), 'Raptor' Laser SG (Shotgun), SCR Laser SOCOM (AR), 'Eraser' DMR, 420 SniperDragon (DMR).
General behaviors of Laser Weapons: Tend to generate more heat per shot than ballistic ammo weapons, and tend to deal more damage with higher heat. Fire rate and deviation is also frequently (if not always) heat dependent (not sure if it increases or decreases depending on heat. Needs testing).

Laser Cell - standard ammunition
Standard red laser cells, used by all laser weapons. High velocity ammo that penetrates armor (the amount penetrated seems to depend on caliber), and removes 2 enemy plating on hit (might do damage to health if enemy only has 1 plating when hit, but probably not. Needs testing), but only deals 50% damage to shields.

Incendiary Lithium Cell - burns on hit
High temperature orange lasers that cause burning damage over time on contact, found on the 'Eraser' DMR. Can be used on most other laser weapons, but not available for the 'Raptor' Laser SG. In previous builds, collecting this ammo would also cause your companion drone to start using it.

Yellow Laser Cell - P25 Overdrive, M75 Heavy Support
Special high-heat generating yellow laser ammo for the P25 Overdrive. Can be used by some other laser weapons, but this is not advisable as the ammo cannot pierce and has no particular special function besides its ability to ricochet and high heat generation - which is only useful when combined with the P25's own modules for bonus damage on overheat. In contrast, ammo on the M75 Heavy Support gains piercing.

Fusion[edit | edit source]

Fusion Weapons: UMP-10 Tornado (SMG), Enforcer Carbine, Object 29 (AR), Human Model 9800K (SR), Apollon 5 LMG

Fusion Charge - standard ammunition
The standard ammunition for fusion weapons, with noticeably higher heat generation than ballistic ammo.

Cold Fusion Charge - slows on hit, pierces
Ammo found on the Human Model 9800K, Cold Fusion ammunition slows and pierces targets on hit.

Launcher[edit | edit source]

Grenade[edit | edit source]

Grenade Launchers: Ares GL-16, M79 Terminator, M32 Multi Purpose

Bouncing HE Grenade - standard bouncing grenades
A common ammo type for grenade launchers, these grenades bounce off terrain but explode on contact with an enemy. In most cases, each grenade deals two individual 'ticks' of damage, allowing them to remove plating more effectively. The ability to bounce them around corners allows for trick shots.

Impact HE Grenade - impact-detonated grenades
Simple impact-detonating explosive charges.

Rubber Grenade - Bouncing physical impact grenades

Causes the Confusion Status Effect on impact and otherwise acts as a giant, ricocheting bullet.

Missile[edit | edit source]

Missile Launchers: Human RPG-7, ML7000 Plus

Dumbfire - unguided missiles
Simple unguided missiles that explode on contact. High velocity and slight AOE damage. May wander off course. Their accuracy is somewhat lacking, making them a poor choice for single-shot launchers like the Human RPG-7. Dumbfire missiles are also launched by certain items or weapons (see Object 29).

Target Seeking - cursor/laser guided missiles
Available via research, High velocity and slight AOE damage. these missiles seek out the aiming cursor of the weapon's wielder. They can be difficult to use, but have extremely tight turning circles and can thus be guided around obstacles by skilled players, allowing for clever trickshots that can't be done via bouncing bullets or grenades.

Homing - 'intelligent' enemy-seeking missiles
Found on the Human RPG-7, these missiles seek out nearby enemies automatically. They're easy to use as fire-and-forget, but care should be taken as they're not the brightest missiles out there.

Other[edit | edit source]

There are plenty of weird and weapon-specific ammo types out there, particularly when Legendary weapons are involved. This section tries to cover the 'most common' of those.

Arrow/Bolt[edit | edit source]

Steel/Tungsten Arrow - standard ammunition
Standard bolts for the K3 Auto Boltcaster and Ballistic CRX-Bow. A high damage bolt with an increased headshot damage multiplier.

Poisoned Steel Arrow - poison damage over time
Unlocked via finding acid-tip ammo (see above), these bolts do very little initial impact damage but have a strong, stackable acid/poison effect over time. Effective for dealing with weaker enemies, but can be lacking for situations requiring raw DPS, such as boss fights.

Shock Arrow Guaranteed to stun enemies for a short duration. Unlocked through Soft Point ammo.

Nail[edit | edit source]

Found on Kaida Nailgun, Raider Scrap Cannon. A low damage, high velocity projectile.

Exclusive[edit | edit source]

These ammo has contained only specific weapon, they can't change ammo type either.

Auto Needles - X512 Experimental's ammo
Homing needles that track towards the nearest enemy, if one is nearby.

Airburst Cluster - Heavy Flak Cannon's ammo
Fires a projectile that creates a cluster of small explosions in the vicinity of the target area.

Fluid Plasma Chamber - SS58 Plasma Charger's ammo
Deals low shield damage but great physical damage.

Liquid Ion Array - Ion Obliterator's ammo
White energy bolts that deal high damage and pierce multiple enemies with no damage penalty.

Propane Ball - Makeshift Firecannon's ammo
Flame projectiles that travel over a long distance, dealing moderate damage and imparting a stacking burning damage to the target.

Propane Flame - Flamethrower's ammo
Fires a long stream of fire that deals stacking burning damage over time to all targets that come in contact with it.

Split Shot - Bren Anti-Air's ammo
Fires bullets that come out in shards, which can ricochet to hit nearby targets.

Sprayer Lithium Cell - 'Raptor' Laser SG's ammo
A shotgun variant of the standard Laser Cell.

YL Anti-Materiel - Yoko-Lagann's ammo
Pierces enemies, detonates with a small explosion after traveling a limited distance.

ZV Unstable Compound - 'Mjolnir' Chain LTN's default ammo
Chains between enemies, but cannot hit the same enemy twice within a single chain. Damage diminishes for every enemy chained to.

ZV Inverse Compound - 'Mjolnir' Chain LTN's special ammo
Same as ZV Unstable Compound, starts at reduced damage but gains damage for every enemy chained to.

Accelerated V22 - HIG-S Particle Cannon's ammo
Projectiles that deal impact damage, then explode. Like all grenades and missiles, projectile impacts and explosions are guaranteed to inflict slowing.

ANH-Apocalyptic Rounds - Annihilator ANH-5's ammo
Fast-moving projectiles that deal impact damage, then explode. Like all grenades and missiles, projectile impacts and explosions are guaranteed to inflict slowing.

A-75 Hyper Velocity - Liandry Rail Gun's ammo
Extremely fast-moving projectiles that pierce armor, enemies, and obstacles.