'Mjolnir' Chain LTN

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'Mjolnir' Chain LTN
5 / 15
Ride the lightning.
100 / 300
r+e time
1.2 / 2
  • Consumes Shield Each Shot
  • 5% Powershot
  • 5% No Ammo Cost Chance
  • Description pending.

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]


    • High damage and chains to multiple enemies
      • Enemies killed in the chain grant a strong chance to extend the chain limit; can potentially chain to an infinite number of enemies, though each can only be hit once
    • Connects with enemies almost instantly, even through walls
    • 5% Chance for 200% damage
    • 5% No ammo cost chance
    • 50 Armor penetration


    • Consumes 100% of shields every shot and stops them from regenerating for 0.30 seconds
    • Small magazine and very low max ammo
    • Cannot headshot enemies
    • Very high heat generation
    • Short initial range
    • 50% damage against shields
    • Slow reload - very long Eject phase

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    Tips[edit | edit source]

    • The Twin Link II item essentially provides temporary double damage since the chain lightning remains accurate regardless of recoil or deviation; note that firing the Mjolnir does not trigger the Twin Link II item, another weapon must be used to trigger the item
    • The Muzzle Compensator attachment increases damage without affecting the performance of the weapon
    • Due to the Mjolnir's high heat generation, the Backup Printer attachment will allow some of the ammo expended to be gained back, while also removing some heat
    • Accessories that enhance the Mjolnir's ammo capacity and mitigate its heat generation are essential for getting the most out of it
    • The Wormhole Mag attachment can provide infinite ammo for Mjolnir. Doesn't work on bosses.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Prior to Update 16, the Mjolnir did not consume ammo when fired out of range, and the 10% No Ammo Cost Chance added one free shot to the magazine instead, which could be exploited to give the player unlimited ammo by firing the weapon when no targets were around
    • Prior to Update 15, the Mjolnir did not have the 10% No Ammo Cost Chance and Consumes Shield Each Shot modules
      • As a result, a Specialist running the Calculated module benefited from the Mjolnir's high heat generation; intentionally overheating provided a shield buff at almost no cost
      • Similarly, the Specialist's Sun Rising module could be maxed quickly by constantly firing the weapon without any targets around